“The perpetual work of your life is but to lay the foundation of death.”
M. de Montaigne 1533 – 1592

Installation in public space & Exhibition
Stephansplatz Vienna, May 2009 – Oct. 2009

“Memento Mori – Carpe Diem”: acrylique paintings, video, objects and installation
Host: Dompfarrer Toni Faber
Opening by: Prof. Hermann Nitsch and Dr. Carl Aigner, Direktor Landesmuseum Niederösterreich

Video: “What is it that remains” 5 Min. link

More than 300 graveyard ribbons where put by the artist herself in this 30 m high tree near the famous St. Stephens cathedral in the main citycenter of Vienna. Beyond the tree two graves with apples and green plants where installed as a symbol of our mortality and life. On the ribbons, where normaly “last goodbys” are posted, the artist wrote the words ” Viva life, viva love, viva temptation – here and now”. The installation was accompanied by an exhibition of the artist´s acrylic painting series “Resurrection” and the video “What is it that remains”.


Installation & Exibitiona in the Gallery GAYA in Gmunden, Okt. 2008 – Jan. 2009

Galerie GAYA “Memento Mori – Carpe Diem” The installation in public space of Gmunden, which was part of the exhibition in the gallery Gaya, has been taken down due to massive protests from neighbours. A solemn vigil was held by hundreds of people.

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