“I am tempted by the human being and how it reacts….including myself….it is a big scenery, a big stage” C.D.

2005-2010 Studies with Hermann Nitsch and VALIE EXPORT
2012/13/14/15 half time life in New Zealand.
2015/16 apprenticeship to be a Forest Educationist & ants keeper.
2020 apprenticeship to be a Herb Educationist. Natur influences her work from now on.
2022 Caren Dinges escaped from her social life to live part time within the nature in Waldviertel a very basic life.

Born as the seventh child to a parson´s familly living in the region of Ramsau/Dachstein (Styria/Austria)
1981-1984 Studies at the University of Economics, Vienna/Austria.
1985 first exhibition. Within the next few years her creativity cullminated into being aknowledged as an Artist in fine arts by the Austrian Minister of Education and Arts 1996.
1993 Birth of her son.
2003 Feb. Removal to Singapore until July 2004

Artist in residence in Paris F, Karlsruhe DE, Singapore, Darwin AUST, Entebbe UGANDA, Amsterdam NL
Oeuvre: Paintings, Installations, Sculptures, Photographies, Videos

Exhibitions: since 1985: 70 personal and 46 group exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand (2023)

About the Work
Where order has been plunged into inevitable limitedness chaos, Caren Dinges is at home. She represents herself as a integral way of transience, and thus taking life on with all its temptations.
She compares the world to an apple, as a metaphor for Temptation, Sin and Recognition with the big question of “what is it that remains”.

Whether the works in acrylic from the series “Resurrection and Contemplation” or the photographic series under the title “ Lying Out in State”, “ Up and Away”, “Eve Cooking” or works in oil such as “Eve Talking “ and “Eves Arousal”, it is the visitation of the non – visible, that which lies in us but is concealed on the first glance.
Dinges, Student of V. EXPORT and H.Nitsch understands the various stages of inner ordeals reminding the observer that there is life before death.